Import printed cotton bags as promotional products especially popular textile advertising material


Imprinted Cotton Bags are a very good way to make their company more known and at the same time increase their likeability. Imported Cotton Bags are really used by people and do not disappear in the drawer like many other promotional products.

Especially nowadays, when the plastic bag is very much under criticism, many people are switching to the Cotton Bag. Why should they then also buy a bag when they can also get it for free?

In addition, the Cotton Bag or shopping bag is seen by many more people in this way than if they distribute, for example, ballpoint pens to their customers as a promotional gift. This is because only the user himself really perceived and that is not the goal of a really good advertising medium. Furthermore, as a company, they themselves make an active contribution to a greener future.

For this purpose, hip styled Cotton Bags are becoming more and more popular as a promotional gift among customers large and small. The reason for this is that the practical item no. in color, shape, design correspond to today’s taste and often become a statement. Of course, customers associate a clever promotional product such as a Cotton Bag or Shopping Bag with positive memories of your company or their products. All in all, the printed Cotton Bag is very suitable as a promotional product with long-term effect.


Cotton Bags Import – special production and direct import of textile promotional products

On request we import Cotton Bags directly for you. Due to our very good market position achieved by our direct import and our own production, we are able to offer Cotton Bags at particularly interesting conditions and that in a large number of variations and designs.

Through our international partners, we are able to quickly respond to your wishes in terms of the production of cotton bags, and shopping bags, for example, and also quickly implement.  All orders are supervised by us from the production to the dispatch, so that a smooth execution process and a delivery in time of your ordered Cotton Bags takes place. However, please keep in mind that the delivery time of imported goods can be 12 to 14 weeks. Therefore, we recommend timely planning.

The company Fischer Import Gmbh Lichtenfels GmbH has been working professionally and solidly for many advertising material suppliers for over 25 years.  Our attention is on high quality and long durability, only in this way the high image of a textile advertising material is kept high. Through direct import we are able to offer high quality textile promotional products like cotton bags and shopping bags at very attractive conditions. Use our contact form and order our catalog.

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