Marketing with Bistro Apron

Good advertising must be creative, affordable and support business success. That’s why products with a high utility value are preferred in the advertising industry. These include practical Bistro Apronn, which are gladly and often worn on the job and in private.

Why advertise with Bistro Apron?

Already since the 15th century, classic aprons have become part of fashion. Meanwhile, women, men and children are so enthusiastic about it that almost everyone owns an apron. Because aprons protect perfectly against dirt and are indispensable for cooking, baking and grilling, gardening or in professional life. The Bistro Apron variant is particularly well suited for advertising purposes, as it is worn over the clothing as a kind of pre-tie. Texts, logos, names, motifs, photos or other artwork can be printed on the highly visible surface.

With well-made advertising, companies can gain enormous competitive advantages:
They increase their recognition value, outperform competitors and ultimately increase sales.

Special production and direct import of advertising material and promotional items, textile advertising material for example Bistro Aprons

On request we import Bistro Apronn directly for you. Through our extraordinary market position achieved through 25 years of direct import and our own production, we are able to offer Bistro Apronn and Vorbinder at particularly interesting conditions and that in a large number of variations and designs. Through our international partner companies from all production areas, we are able to quickly respond to your wishes in terms of production and execution of e.g. Bistro Apronn and implement.
All orders are supervised by us from the production to the dispatch, so that a smooth operational sequence and a delivery in time take place. However, please note that the delivery time of imported goods can be 12 to 14 weeks. Therefore, we recommend timely planning.

We the company Fischer Import Gmbh Lichtenfels have been working professionally and solidly for many advertising material suppliers for over 25 years.  Our attention is thereby on best quality and long durability, only in such a way the high image of a textile advertising material is held high. Through direct import we are able to offer high quality textile promotional items like Bistro Apronn at very attractive conditions. Use our contact form, and order our advertising material import catalog here.