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The cotton backpack as a promotional product Fischer Import

Cotton backpack as a promotional gift is always popular with customers. The more extensive the possibility of using the item for the consumer, the greater the advertising success will be. Therefore, it is very important to choose a practical item for this purpose.
The cotton backpack is ideal to be used as a promotional item because of its versatility of use. It is timeless and therefore very popular among all age groups. The size of the backpack offers enough space for a promotional text or logo. Due to the way the backpack is carried, the imprinted advertisement is made easily visible to everyone. Backpacks are suitable for all advertising themes, because a backpack is rather a neutral commodity.
Due to its resistant material, it can be used for a longer period of time and thus there is a possibility to publicize the advertisement for months, if not yearslong. This reduces the ongoing advertising costs, since it is unnecessary to have to produce the advertising product again and again. Which would be the case, for example, with a short-lived product.

Special production and direct import of promotional products and promotional items, textile promotional products such as backpacks

Upon request, we import backpacks for you directly.

Due to our excellent market position, achieved through our direct import and our own production, we are able to provide backpacks at particularly interesting conditions and that in a large number of designs.

Through our international cooperation partners, we are able to quickly respond to and realize your wishes regarding the production of, for example, backpacks.

All orders are supervised by us from generation to shipment, ensuring a smooth execution process and on-time delivery. However, please note that the delivery time of
imported goods can be 12 to 14 weeks. Therefore, we recommend timely planning.

The company Fischer Import Gmbh Lichtenfels GmbH has been working professionally and reliably for many advertising material suppliers for over 25 years.  Our attention is on best quality and long durability, only in this way the high image of a textile advertising material is kept high. Backpacks to extremely attractive conditions to offer. Use our contact form, or order our catalog.