Import kitchen towels as promotional products

The main purpose of a good promotional gift is to attract new customers and remind existing customers why they are with that company. Customer loyalty should be achieved. To achieve this, it is helpful if customers see the name of the company often and also like to see it. The easiest way to achieve this is to print on everyday items.
A good example of this is a Kitchen Towel. What everyday item do people have in their hands more often? Dish towels find daily use in every household. And even when they are not in use, many have them hanging decoratively draped and clearly visible in the kitchen. As a result, the company’s name and logo are constantly in front of the customer’s eyes. Also, potential new customers who see the Kitchen Towel during a visit will gladly remember the original advertising.In any case, every time the customer looks into the kitchen, he will remember the advertised company. And the goal is achieved: intensive customer loyalty.

Special production and direct import of promotional products and promotional items, textile promotional products such as kitchen towels

If you wish, we can import kitchen towels for you directly.

Due to our extraordinary market position achieved through our direct import and our own production, we are able to offer tea towels at particularly interesting conditions and that in a large number of variations and designs.So we are able to quickly respond to your wishes regarding the production of e.g. tea towels and to realize.

All orders are supervised by us from production to shipping, so that a smooth execution process and timely delivery. However, please take into account that the delivery time of imported goods can be 12 to 14 weeks. Therefore, we recommend timely planning.

The company Fischer Import GmbH Lichtenfels has been working professionally and trustworthily for many advertising material suppliers for over 25 years.  Our attention is on best quality and long durability, only in this way the good image of a textile advertising material is held high.

Through direct import we are able to offer first class textile advertising material at very attractive conditions. Please use our contact form or order our catalog.